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Nationals here we come!

SCAD Equestrian Qualifies for IHSA Nationals

Georgia Southern University was the host college for the 2013 IHSA Zone 5 Championship. SCAD was one of five regional champion teams competing at zones to qualify for the IHSA Nationals to be held May 2-5 in Harrisburg, Pa.   Of the 400 member colleges only the top 18 in the country qualify to be there.  This year the odds were made more difficult for qualification.  Another region was added.  Now there are 5 regions to compete for the 18 spots. 

This being said, the Zone 5 competition was a very important show for the SCAD Bees.  The day began with all of the over-fences classes.
Michael Kocher rode for the team in the first class of the day, placing second.  He then competed in the individual open over-fences also placing second as the reserve zone champion.  
Team intermediate fences followed with Lindsay Baker winning a blue ribbon for the team.  In team novice fences Lauren McGuire was third and Ryan Genn was fifth in team intermediate on the flat.   
In the individual novice flat class Madison Haradon was ninth.  Cecille Langley placed first in her team walk-trot class and Kelly DiFiglia was third in her team novice flat class. Kocher was ninth in the individual open flat and Devon Walther was tenth in individual intermediate on the flat. Remy Wells was first in her team walk, trot, canter class and Kocher finished the day placing fourth in his team open flat class.
The over-all team points were as follows:
Zone Champion: Berry College: 45
Reserve Zone Champion: SCAD: 39

3rd- College of Charleston: 33
4th- Virginia Intermont: 30
5th - Vanderbilt: 21

Because SCAD finished as Reserve Champion they were automatically qualified to compete at Nationals.  Congratulations Equestrians on your "three-peat" accomplishment!

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